2i Rete Gas | Group


2i Rete Gas is the second largest national operator in the industry and overall has come to serve a total of 2,226 Municipalities and to manage approximately 72 thousand kilometres of network, used to distribute gas to approximately 4.9 million end users served by the network.

2i Rete Gas works to fulfil its role as a concessionaire of a public utility service by pursuing operational excellence, applying methods of continuous improvement and compliance with criteria of efficiency and economic management, offering high levels of performance and striving to ensure a sustainable evolution of the gas distribution infrastructure in the medium to long term. Aware of its role, the Group acts in the full conviction that the conducts of its core business goes beyond the supervision of the infrastructure under management and the service provided because distributing methane means making available the most flexible and cleanest energy resource among traditional fuels and thus guaranteeing significant benefits in terms of safety and environmental protection, such as continuity of supplyflexibility of usereduced environmental impact and integration with the electricity produced from renewable sources; contributing in this way to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities in which it operates and accompanying the development of the areas served.

  • KM of NETWORK: approximately 72 thousand
  • REDELIVERY POINTS: approximately 4.9 million