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Materiality analysis

2i Rete Gas carries out a periodic updating of the Materiality Analysis with the aim of identifying relevant economic, environmental, social and governance topics for both the Group and the reference Stakeholders. The results of this analysis are taken into consideration during the periodic updating of the guiding, planning and monitoring tools related to the progress about the integration of sustainability in the corporate strategy and operations which are the Sustainability Policy, Framework and Plan.

According with the principles set out in the “Sustainability Reporting Standards” of the Global Reporting Initiative, the outcomes consequent to the periodic update of the Materality Analiysis are subjected to disclosure in the corporate consolidated non-financial reporting.

The most recent updating of the Materiality Analysis undertaken in 2020, was preceded by a survey conducted on internal and external documentary sources and by a benchmark analysis of the external and industry context, both at a national and international level, with the aim of gaining insights into trends and best practices and steering the management of operations towards exploiting opportunities and minimising risks. The outcome of these activities allowed an in-depth analysis and a refine of the potentially relevant topics description as well as of the prerequisites, i.e. issues that are considered to be crucial to ensuring a responsible management of corporate activities. Since the latter were confirmed, they did not undergo any further materiality analysis and include: compliance with laws and regulations, ethics and anti-corruption, listening to stakeholders and creating sustainable economic value.

The updated list of potentially relevant topics was at first shared and discussed as part of an interactive assessment workshop with the Management of the main corporate departments, in charge of the relations with the identified stakeholders and, at the same time, of the Group vision. The consequent material topics prioritisation and the Materiality Matrix drafting, which showed an outcome substantially in line with the ones of previous years, where then shared and discussed with the Steering Committee and validated by the Chief Executive Officer.


2i Rete Gas – Materiality Matrix 2020