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Materiality analysis

2i Rete Gas carries out a periodic updating of the Materiality Analysis with the aim of identifying relevant economic, environmental, social and governance topics for both the Group and the reference Stakeholders. The results of this analysis are taken into consideration during the periodic updating of the guiding, planning and monitoring tools related to the progress about the integration of sustainability in the corporate strategy and operations which are the Sustainability Policy, Framework and Plan.
The periodic update of the Materality Analiysis is carried out by relying on the principles set out in the “Sustainability Reporting Standards” of the Global Reporting Initiative, which are taken into account in the corporate consolidated non-financial reporting drawing up.

The most recent updating of the Materiality Analysis, which is outlined in the Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure referred to the financial year 2021, was preceded by a survey conducted on internal and external documentary sources to gain insights into industry macro-trends and international best practices and by a benchmark analysis aimed at identifying issues considered as material by Peers. The outcome of these activities made it possible to gain a deeper understanding and to hone the description of the issues considered as potentially relevant to 2i Rete Gas from an economic, environmental, social and governance standpoint.
The list of potentially relevant topics, updated in this way, was then evaluated according to the implementation of two areas of activity:

  • on the one hand the management involved assessed the potentially relevant topics list according to both an internal and an external perspective, voting correspondingly in line to the represented corporate function standpoint and to the reference stakeholder point of view;
  • on the other hand, for the first time, the entire personnel were involved in an engagement and listening activity by administering a survey aimed at measuring employees’:
    • awareness of sustainability issues,
    • knowledge of the commitments undertaken by 2i Rete Gas in this regard,
    • assessment of potentially relevant topics,
    • interest in possible initiatives more closely related to the working activities.

The outcomes of the assessment carried out with management and of the survey administered to employees, once weighed, were submitted to the Steering Committee in order to discuss, prioritize and subsequently validate them with the Chief Executive Officer. In this regard discussions were also held on biodiversity protection, a topic which is not represented in the Matrix as it is not considered as material because the Group operates in areas strongly anthropized, with the necessary care and by adopting all the measures intended for the purpose.