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Materiality analysis

2i Rete Gas carries out a periodic updating of the Materiality Analysis with the aim of assessing relevant topics for both the Group and the reference Stakeholders. The results of this analysis are taken into consideration during the periodic updating of the guiding, planning and monitoring tools related to the progress about the integration of sustainability in the corporate strategy and operations - which are the Sustainability PolicyFramework and Plan - as well as during the drawing up of the corporate consolidated non-financial reporting.

The most recent updating of the Materiality Analysis, which is outlined in the Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure referred to the financial year 2022, focused on the assessment of material topics on the basis of the most significant related impacts – positive and negative, actual and potential – that the Group generates or may generate on the economy, environment and people, including impacts on human rights in light of both the context in which 2i Rete Gas operates and the activities it undertakes.

This analysis involved the following activities:

  • background analysis;
  • impact identification;
  • impact significance assessment;
  • weighting of the most significant impacts;
  • and validation of results.


In light of this process, which showed results virtually in line with previous years, 13 material topics were therefore confirmed, one of which was new (Biodiversity). Finally, the matrix view, which until last year represented the outcome of the materiality update by reporting the positioning of individual topics with respect to internal and external relevance, has been replaced by a list of impacts, attributable to material topics, prioritised by significance.

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