The Sustainability Plan is the document that sets out the projects that 2i Rete Gas intends to develop in terms of sustainability on a four-year basis and, thereafter, according to an increasingly synergic integration of ESG issues in strategic planning.

The 2020-2023 release of the Sustainability Plan, consistent with the related Framework, is based both on prerequisites and materiality topics; set goals to be accomplished in the short, medium and long term by implementing achievable measurable initiatives responding to KPIs metrics. As a whole, in particular, it aims to support the achievement of some SDGs recognised as relevant to the business and consistent with the Group's strategic guidelines.

Among the 28 initiatives having their deadline in 2020, 25 were completed in full compliance with the set targets, while 3 were completed without meeting the set targets and/or meeting them partially. All the endeavours underpinning the achievement of targets having deadlines beyond 2020 were the subject of a project planning effort spread out on the timeline and, in most cases, their implementation is already underway. Two initiatives respectively set in the Plan with 2021 and 2022 deadlines were completed earlier in the year.

The Sustainability Plan is reviewed annually after the updating of the Materiality Analysis and following the completion of the periodic monitoring of goals and projects planned, consolidated as at 31 December of the previous year and reported in the NFD. This activity entails a weighting as well as a performance review in relation to the results achieved as benchmarked against the established KPIs and in accordance with the guidelines previously implemented. In this phase, some goals and/or projects may be adjusted or new ones may be included in the event that any new material topics are identified, as well as with the aim of satisfying new possible emerging issues. The outcome of the process, whereby new goals are formulated, together with the definition of the initiatives (lines of action and projects) to achieve them, are gathered after the NFD release and then consolidated in the Plan revision to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

In 2021 the implementation of the process review has been carried out in accordance with the following drivers:

  • reference baseline updating taking into account the progress meanwhile achieved within 31/12/2020, for the most of the initiatives already scheduled;
  • reference KPIs detailing with a view to the monitoring process, in some instances;
  • mid-term targets weighting and setting (on 2021 and 2022), set in a quantitative measurable way and often according to an incremental approach with a view to ensure a more effective performance control, in the case of initiatives whose deadlines have been previously scheduled annually or on a longer term basis.

Moreover, according to the most recent Materiality Analysis results of the: two new goals has been set; all the initiatives carried out in 2020 meeting the scheduled deadlines or completed earlier in the year have been discussed in order to define possible further development and in 13 circumstances new targets aimed at evaluating the performances also for years to come have been set. All the initiatives whose deadlines were set on 2021, 2022 and 2023 have been discussed to assess their consistency with the most recent updating of the Materiality Analysis. Finally, 11 new initiatives and related targets set on the short, medium and long term, have been added to the Plan.

The structure of the reviewed Plan, which has been formally approved by the Board of Directors of 2i Rete Gas S.p.A. in May 2021, is based on 4 prerequisites, 13 material topics and 10 reference SDGs; it includes a total of 42 goals to be achieved by carrying out 71 specific initiatives (lines of actions and projects) and fixes 83 target on 2021, 85 target on 2022 and 88 target on 2023.

A summary of the commitments and implementations principles established by the Sustainability Policy as well as the outcomes of the Sustainability Plan reviewing process is available below.


2i Rete Gas Sustainability Policy and reviewed Plan - Summary